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CORNER GUARDS - 20x Translucent corner guards

CORNER GUARDS - 20x Translucent corner guards

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Translucent corner guards protect children and furniture from bumps and accidents. Safeguard your home or someone else’s. Gift Mess Mat Corner Guards to new mums, dads and doting grandparents.

These guards are soft, durable and eco-friendly, made from non-toxic PVC.

They are super clear and discrete, measuring 30 x 22mm.

Available in two options:

12 per bag or 20 per bag

Apply them to kitchen countertops, furniture, round or square edges. They will adhere to most surfaces, including glass and ceramic.

Installation instructions:

  1. Clean down surface with damp cloth and leave to dry completely
  2. Peel off paper backing to expose adhesive film
  3. Position protector in place and press to surface firmly for 10 seconds
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