MESS MATS - Collection - AVAILABLE Now

MESS MATS - Collection - AVAILABLE Now

Designed for those messy jobs.

Mess Mats are made from high-quality, durable and waterproof vinyl. They’re easy to clean and will last for years to come. Invest in a Mess Mat and protect your carpets, floors and peace of mind! Don’t worry about knocks and spills during playtime, mealtime or arts and crafts. Roll them up for easy storage or to take them for a picnic.

Upcycle your Mat when the kids have outgrown it. They’re ideal for pet owners, hairdressers and makeup artists. Get creative and turn them into wall art or durable bags, the possibilities are endless.

Our Mess Mats are reversible, with bold and bright prints designed
by Ash Story @ashstoryartist

on one side, and detailed sketch drawings
from Amanda Keat on the other.

They’re contemporary, cool and most importantly, practical.

There is two sizings available:

Rectangle; 1500 x 1000mm


All Mess Mats Include slap band for rolling and storing away.

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